PRF Fun Fly 15 May 2021

A word from Leon van Der Hoeck who arranged this great event.

PRF was fortunate to be able to host a fun fly on the 15th May 2021 where all RC heli pilots from across the country were invited to come and enjoy a day of flying.
The day was opened with a safety and flight briefing at 08:00.
There was 25 heli pilot that attended this fun fly from all skill levels.  The day was very entertaining and some of the more experienced pilots showed their skills with some breathtaking maneuvers.
I cannot single one pilot out, they all were stunning –  not just their flying but the airmanship and the camaraderie for the love of the hobby.

There was also a F3C demo flight done, coordinated by Johan and Pieter with flying done by Sam and Bryan.
There was also some amazing scale heli’s on the day, with some very nice flying as well.
The amounts of detail in these machines are just breathtaking.

I just like to thank all the people that help to arrange this and made it special.

1. First and most important all the pilots attending, without you all it will not be possible
2. Pieter Mulder, Johan Sieling, Sam Van Zyl and Bryan Currie for the F3C arrangements.
3. Mark Coetzee for your help with the arrangements for the day.

SAMAA SOLO Proficiency test

PRF was also fortunate to be able to host the SAMAA solo proficiency test on the same day. This was a
separate event from the PRF FUN FLY on the heli flying field below the main runway.
There were 5 pilots for the day;

  • Leon Kotze
  • Marius Smith
  • Emil Henrico
  • Tyler Posthumus
  • Dries Posthumus

    Congratulation to all of the above on passing the solo proficiency test.
    Big thank you to Hennie Deetlifs and Fanie Swart for all the arrangements and there time.