2019-09-23 till 2019-09-27 – Nasafi 2019

After spending another week at Nasafi in Springbok, all we can say is “Thank You!” to Van Zyl (image – top left).  Van Zyl Koeglenberg is the Founder, Organiser, Manager, Father-to-the-naughty-kids-on-the-WhatsApp-group and even sometimes Participant to the best RC event in South Africa.
Although a very thankless job, Van Zyl has a passion for RC flying, and bringing people with a similar passion together. Nasafi 2019 was just that!
Apart from the effort from Van Zyl, the locals of Springbok followed suit in once again making it an unforgettable experience.  To many to name, they ensured that our models were safe at night in the hangers. Every night after flying, while we all get together in the club house catching up, bragging about the days flights and gasping to the stories of the unintended close encounters with mother earth, dinner was being prepared to perfection. From steak to crayfish, every evening something special on the menu! The “behind the scene” work they do is astonishing – to much to mention in this short write-up!
Nasafi is the only fly-inn where RC Heli pilots really get to be part of the event.  We know how difficult it is to host an event where flying time is limited, as heli pilots prefer to fly alone.  At Nasafi this has never been a problem! MHSA will back there in 2020 – we cant wait! If you want to join us, enter as soon as the dates are confirmed, as entries are limited to 40!

2019-08-17 SMAA www.smaa.co.za
A big thank you to Nic van Rensburg and the members of SMAA (Stellenbosch Model Aircraft Association) for hosting a bunch of Cape Town heli pilots at their field on 2019-08-17.  This an awesome field to fly – one of the few that not only make heli pilots  feel welcome (mainly dominated by fixed wing) but are also willing to every once in a while give us a full day of heli only flying.  This is greatly appreciated!

Among all the fun we had, Cameron Parker flew the Solo proficiency test. Although well prepared, the nerves showed but did not get the better of him. We are happy to announce that he passed – well done Cameron!

We would like to encourage all pilots who have not yet done at least solo proficiency to start practicing, and give it a go!  For any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us for some assistance