MHSA Funfly and AGM

Mission of MHSA.

a) To form an association of aeromodellers, under the auspices of SAMAA who officially represent all forms of aero modelling in South Africa.
b) MHSA has been formed to actively promote the assembly and flying of model helicopters.
c) To foster comradeship amongst MHSA members
d) To advance and protect the interests of all MHSA members and persons engaged in the activities of MHSA.
e) To create competitive opportunities and to regulate or contribute to the regulation of such activities at local and national levels.
f) To communicate and provide all relevant information on a regular basis to all members of MHSA and if applicable the South African community as a whole.
g) To establish links, relationships and to co-operate with National Interest groups, Model Aircraft Clubs, and all national entities having similar objectives.
h) To promote high levels of competency and proficiency amongst all pilots in South Africa.
i) To promote and maintain a core of experienced “Instructor Judges” in the various regions, for the purpose of proficiency testing.
j) To maintain a database of all MHSA pilots and all proficiency rated pilots
k) To promote MHSA and SAMAA, and to have as the guiding principal, the model enthusiast.
l) To organize workshops with speakers of stature.
m) To encourage the hobby of flying model helicopters and to arrange fun days, air shows, displays and the like to expose the hobby to potential flyers.
n) To redress the inequalities of the past in aero modelling and to actively pursue and implement a Transformation Plan for previously disadvantaged individuals in conjunction with SAMAA and the relevant Government Authorities to ensure access and full participation for all